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Gifts to Buy Your Surrogate – Sweet and Thoughtful Present Ideas

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For some surrogacy journeys, the surrogate and intended parents exchange gifts with each other over the course of the months they spend together. After all, having a baby together is no small feat and developing a bond after a great match is very common.

For gifting there could be a certain occasion like a birthday, holidays, a special milestone like completing medical screening, or just a special token of appreciation. So many memorable events happen over this extended period of time, and it can be fun to celebrate them.

No matter the reason, sometimes it can be challenging to figure out exactly what the perfect present could be. The surrogate and intended parents often have a big age gap, varying interests and come from different worlds. Finding common ground for purchasing gifts can require a little bit of guidance. Which is why I created this gifting guide!

In this surrogacy-specific gifting guide, I cover some of the popular gifts that surrogates and intended parents exchange during the course of a journey. These gifts have symbolic gestures and often highlight special moments that happen along the way.

Many of the gifts in the guide are handmade by surrogates, IVF patients and insiders in this community. They come with a lot of heart to their recipients, from one woman to another who had stood in your shoes and made it to the end of the rainbow.

Over 10 Gifts Surrogates Will Love

Giving gifts that your surrogate will love is a heartfelt and thoughtful gesture that can strengthen the relationship and create lasting memories. When selecting a gift, it’s essential to consider her interests and personality. By taking the time to search a little bit, you can choose a present that resonates with her on a personal level.

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The Perfect Morning Coffee Mug

Gifting the perfect morning coffee mug is like presenting a daily dose of warmth and comfort. This thoughtful gesture recognizes the importance of that morning ritual, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or hot tea brings the joy of a new day.

There’s so many very cute surrogacy-themed mugs on Etsy, with all kinds of positive phrases and words of encouragement.

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Embryo Transfer Day Lucky Socks

The tradition of wearing lucky socks on Transfer Day is a heartwarming and symbolic ritual in the world of fertility treatments. For women and surrogates undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), this day is filled with a mixture of hope and anxiety, as they eagerly await the moment when their embryos are carefully transferred into the uterus.

To add an element of positivity and hope to this crucial step, many individuals and couples choose to don a pair of special socks that are believed to bring luck and the best outcome. These socks can be adorned with cute baby motifs, inspirational quotes, or simply be a cherished pair with a unique story.

Wearing these lucky socks isn’t just about superstition; it’s a way to channel optimism and keep spirits high during a challenging and emotionally charged time. It serves as a reminder that every small detail and symbol of hope matters on the journey towards building a family, making the tradition of Transfer Day Lucky Socks a touching and meaningful part of the IVF experience.

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Transfer Day T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Another popular IVF and surrogacy tradition is the surrogate and intended parents wearing matching Transfer Day t-shirts on the big day. This date is a pivotal moment in the surrogacy journey, as it marks the transfer of the intended parents’ embryos into the surrogate’s womb, with the hope of achieving a successful pregnancy.

To commemorate this significant event, you can gift your surrogate a very cute t-shirt that she can pack for her travels to the fertility clinic. These shirts are adorned with heartwarming messages, images, or slogans that celebrate the collaborative effort and support between the surrogate and the intended parents. They serve as a token of appreciation and a powerful symbol of unity, reminding everyone involved that they are working together to fulfill a shared dream of parenthood.

Wearing these t-shirts on Transfer Day not only strengthens the bond between surrogates and intended parents but also represents a sense of unity, hope, and love that makes the surrogacy journey so remarkable and unique.

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Fertility Hope Candle

Gifting a symbolic candle is a gesture of understanding and compassion. For those navigating the challenging path of IVF, each step can be emotionally taxing, filled with uncertainty. A fertility candle represents a glimmer of optimism amidst the darkness, a symbol of support, and a source of comfort during the often arduous journey of surrogacy.

As the soft glow of the candle’s flame illuminates the room, it serves as a reminder that hope and determination can conquer even the most formidable obstacles. Lighting this candle becomes a ritual of reflection and solace, a moment to acknowledge the strength and resilience of those facing fertility challenges, or surrogates helping others.

A candle is a heartfelt gift that conveys empathy and encouragement, offering a ray of hope and a sense of tranquility during the sometimes trying quest of building a family.

These IVF Survival Kits are handmade by Surrogacy Sister Design.

IVF Survival Kit

Creating or buying an already assembled IVF survival kit is a thoughtful and practical way to support someone embarking on this challenge. This kit should be a source of comfort, encouragement, and essential items to ease the physical and emotional strains that often accompany fertility treatments.

Start with a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing container, perhaps a decorative box or tote bag. Inside you can include the following items:

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Postpartum Care Package

Crafting a postpartum survival kit for your surrogate friend is a wonderful way to show appreciation and support. The fun part about postpartum recovery for surrogates is that they don’t have to care for a newborn baby, and they can focus all their attention on self-care. As a woman who has already delivered two babies, I can tell you the essential medical items I use in the days and weeks after delivery.

Begin by selecting a thoughtful and spacious container, and fill it up with the below items:

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Surrogate Journey Diary or Journal

Gifting your surrogate with a diary or journal is a heartfelt and meaningful gesture, along with encouragement for her to document the journey. A diary serves as a precious keepsake, a tangible reminder of the moments that happen during a surrogacy journey. The intention of this journal could be for her to keep it for herself, give it to the parents so they can be engaged along the way, or pass it along to the baby as they grow up.

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Gifts For the Surrogate’s Children

The quickest way into a mama’s heart is through her kids! Giving gifts to your surrogate’s kids is a thoughtful and meaningful way to extend gratitude and acknowledge the entire surrogate family’s contribution to your journey.

Surrogacy involves not just the surrogate but her family as well, and their support is invaluable. These gifts can serve as tokens of appreciation, strengthening the bond between intended parents and the surrogate’s family. They show that your gratitude extends beyond the surrogate herself, recognizing the love and understanding her children have shown throughout the process.

You will definitely get brownie points if the gift is personalized and custom for the child. Etsy has so many super cute customizable presents for kids of all ages.

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Cute Surrogacy Water Bottle Stickers

A fun way to encourage your surrogate to stay hydrated and drink water is to gift her a water bottle along with fun surrogacy stickers. The trend of putting stickers on water bottles has become a popular form of self-expression and personalization in recent years.

Water bottles adorned with stickers have become a canvas for people to showcase their humor, vibe and personality. Whether it’s stickers representing a favorite band or TV show, a cause they’re passionate about, or simply colorful and quirky designs, these decals turn a simple hydration vessel into a personal statement.

Beyond aesthetics, this trend also carries an eco-friendly message, as it encourages reusable water bottles, reducing single-use plastic waste.

Surrogacy Journey Milestone Cards

Surrogacy journey milestone cards are a creative and sentimental way to document and celebrate the significant moments and achievements throughout the surrogacy process.

Much like traditional milestone cards used in pregnancy, these cards are specifically designed for surrogacy journeys. They feature various milestones and events related to the surrogacy experience, such as the initial match with intended parents, medical appointments, ultrasound scans, and even personal milestones like the first kick or last day of injections.

Intended parents and surrogates use these cards to mark each occasion and share on social media if you’d like. It’s a way to reflect on the progress made, share updates with loved ones, and create a lasting keepsake of the surrogacy experience.

Surrogacy journey milestone cards not only help document the process but also foster a sense of connection and appreciation between the surrogate and the intended parents, turning each step into a cherished memory.

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Surrogacy Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry gifts for surrogates come in all types of styles, and should be very specific to the personal aesthetic of the surrogate herself. Below I’ve listed just a few ideas that are cute and popular.

Baby Birthstone Necklace

A baby birthstone necklace is a thoughtful and sentimental gift to express gratitude and commemorate the special bond between intended parents and their surrogate. This necklace typically features the birthstone of the baby or babies born via surrogacy, along with the birthstones of her biological children.

Fertility Crystal Bracelets and Necklaces

Fertility crystal jewelry has gained popularity as a unique and symbolic way to embrace the journey of IVF and surrogacy. These pieces are typically adorned with crystals known for their alleged properties to enhance fertility, such as moonstone, rose quartz, or carnelian.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these crystals are believed by some to promote emotional and physical well-being, balance hormonal energies, and provide a sense of calm and positivity during the challenging process of fertility treatments.

Engraved Name Jewelry

Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry, having her name or a special message engraved onto the piece adds a unique and sentimental touch. It signifies the individuality and importance of her role in your family’s life, while also serving as a lasting token of your gratitude. Each time she wears or sees the jewelry, it will remind her of the incredible bond you’ve shared and the joy she’s helped bring into your lives.

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