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A Conversation with Evie Jeang – A Mother Through Surrogacy and Founder of Surrogacy Concierge and Hera

The journey of welcoming my son through surrogacy is one that has left an incredible mark on my life. At the time of graduating from law school, my focus was on establishing myself
professionally, and parenthood seemed like a distant consideration.

However, thanks to the insightful advice of a friend, I made the decision to freeze my eggs—an act for which I will forever be grateful. Little did I know, this decision would not only lead me to the joy of motherhood, but I also found out years later that I had a tumor that might have affected my chances of conceiving naturally.

Inspired by the entire process, I started Surrogacy Concierge. At Surrogacy Concierge, our
expert team oversees the entire process, connecting you with world-class doctors and in-house attorneys with over 16 years of combined experience.

Now, I’m excited to introduce you to Hera. Our mission is to revolutionize and simplify the
surrogacy process, making it more accessible and affordable for individuals from diverse
backgrounds. We stand proudly with the LGBTQ+ community, promoting love and inclusivity in all forms.

I believe in the power of shared experiences to connect us as mothers and as individuals
navigating the beautiful, sometimes challenging journey of parenthood.

A Candid Interview with Evie Jeang

Did you have a lot of hesitations about going the route of surrogacy to have a baby?

Yes, I did have hesitations, mainly because surrogacy isn’t seen as the traditional way to
have a baby. However, after careful consideration, I realized it was the best choice for
me, regardless of societal norms. My priority was finding the most suitable option to fulfill
my dream of having a child, and surrogacy turned out to be the right path for me.

What were you looking for in a surrogate?

Selecting a surrogate mark a significant milestone for intended parents, and it involves
considering numerous factors. I was mainly focused on finding a surrogate with a good
health history and a healthy lifestyle.

How were you ultimately matched? With an agency?

I was matched with my surrogate by an agency.

What would you consider to be red flags while looking at surrogate profiles?

Lack of transparency regarding crucial details, such as medical history, including the
number of miscarriages.

What kind of relationship did you want to have with your surrogate?

My main goal was to find a surrogate who could also be a friend, fostering a supportive
and understanding bond throughout the journey.

Did you encounter any obstacles during your journey?

Unfortunately, I found it difficult to establish a strong bond with my surrogate, primarily
due to the agency’s policy restricting communication between intended parents and

Did you maintain any kind of relationship with your surrogate?

Absolutely! My surrogate played a crucial role in my life, and I continue to cherish our
friendship to this day.

How old is your son, and have you spoken to him about the surrogacy journey?

My son is nine years old now, and he’s fully aware of my surrogacy journey. In fact, I
even wrote a book for him titled “How Much We Love You.” It’s dedicated to him and
details how he was brought into my life through IVF technology.

What advice would you give to an intended parent starting the process of surrogacy?

My advice for intended parents starting the surrogacy process would be to prioritize clear
communication, trust, and respect with your surrogate and agencies. Seek support from
professionals and other intended parents. Stay patient, flexible, and approach the
journey with an open heart.

All About Hera Fertility

As the founder of Hera, Evie Jeang answers our top questions about this new surrogacy platform.

What is the concept behind Hera?

Hera serves as an all-in-one fertility platform, facilitating connections between intended
parents, surrogates, egg, and sperm donors.

At Hera, transparency is important for everyone involved. We are committed to fostering
an environment where donors and surrogates have the option to cultivate closer
relationships. Drawing from my personal experience, I desired a closer bond with my
surrogate, but traditional agencies often restricted such connections. That’s why I’m
dedicated to transforming this aspect of the process for the better.

How does Hera help intended parents and/or surrogates?

Hera stands as a distinctive and premium platform designed for connecting with
surrogate mothers, egg donors, and sperm donors. Think of it as a dating app, but with
the purpose of building your future family.

We firmly believe in the power of choice and the profound joy that accompanies the
creation of diverse and loving families.

Who can use Hera? Intended parents? Surrogates? Surrogacy professionals?

Hera can be used by intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors, and sperm

Is Hera intended for independent journeys or agency managed journeys?

Hera is intended for independent journeys.

Is there a cost associated with using Hera?

By signing up for early access, you’ll receive a complimentary one-month membership!

When will Hera be available to the public?

I’m thrilled to announce that Hera will be launching in three weeks! Keep an eye on our
website, where you can find a live countdown at tryhera.app.

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