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My Surrogate Story – Kristal is the Boss Babe Behind the Surrogate Sister Design Online Shop

Hello! My name is Kristal and I am a proud surrogate. In 2014, my surrogacy journey began, and in 2015, I delivered a beautiful surro baby. Throughout my journey, I noticed that there were not many surrogacy-themed shirts and other items available, and I knew that I wanted to change that. I made it my goal to change the surrogacy industry offering items that were designed to be worn, shared and loved.

In 2016, I opened Surrogate Sister Design with just one shirt style, a cricut my husband purchased for me and the smallest heat press you have ever seen. I had a work bench at the corner of our room set up with all my supplies and started my business from the ground up. Little did I know, we would grow into something bigger than I could have ever imagined, and we would become a significant part of the surrogacy community.

Over the years, we have been able to design and offer many surrogacy-related items that we hope everyone wears and uses with pride. We have created amazing relationships with other surrogates and have followed many of their journeys from beginning to end. After many years of building our brand we started reaching out to surrogacy agencies asking them if they would like to work with us and providing their surrogates with our IVF and surrogacy survival boxes.

From the beginning, we made it our mission to advocate, encourage, and support those going through an infertility or a surrogacy journey. Once we were able to, we wanted to give back to the surrogacy and infertility community by donating items and trying to raise money for couples going through infertility treatment. We have also sponsored surrogacy agency retreats and have donated tons of items to fellow surrogates to use on their journeys and to represent us.

Our goals this year include helping support surrogates who suffer a loss through miscarriage by sending them a special gift to let them know the community sees them and cares. Creating a loss box with special items to help support those who have suffered a miscarriage. We have also teamed up with an amazing surrogate Rachel Navarro who has inspired a new line of shirts, mugs and stickers dedicated to celebrating surrogates of color. 

Rachel a fellow surro sister has actively advocated for Black Surrogates with her educational and empowering TikToks. Rachel has been instrumental in inspiring fellow women of color to share their surrogacy journeys and promote awareness to the challenges women of color face. They deserve to feel seen, appreciated, and empowered. Most recently we have also teamed up with Circle Surrogacy offering special items designed by their team, available to purchase in our shop hopefully this month. 

Our journey has been long, but it has been worth it. We are proud and honored to be a part of the surrogacy community and to offer our support and encouragement to those who need it most. Thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting us through the years. We would never be where we are now without all the support from our amazing customers. 

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